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We love to promote and support vegan businesses, so we’ve put together our Top 6 ways that Vegan Life can help you to reach out to the vegan community in order to increase your visibility and loyalty with your vegan customers.

1. Get listed and keep your listing up-to-date

Your business can be listed in the Vegan Life Directory if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Your entire menu is 100% vegan, or
  2. You have a separate vegan menu, or
  3. You have a menu with clearly labelled vegan options

There is no fee for being listed in the Directory.

To get listed, submit your details here.

Listing content is usually obtained from your website or social media accounts and sometimes from information submitted by website users. If your vegan business listing is inaccurate or incomplete, please use the contact form on the website to provide more accurate or complete information and we’ll update your listing.

Food gallery x 5 photos2. Add an Image Gallery

As standard, you can display a single photo within your Directory listing free of charge, normally your business logo. To make your vegan business and food really stand out, for a one-off fee you can display 5 additional photos or go for a bigger impact with 10 additional photos. Use the Order page to request this service.

Featured Listing3. Get your business featured

If your vegan business is featured, it will appear at the top of the full venue listings plus at the top of relevant search results. It will also be clearly highlighted to make it stand out. On the detailed page for your business listing, the large bright Featured Listing logo will be displayed. As more and more venues are added, being Featured will ensure your business gets noticed. Use the Order page to request a feature listing for 1 month or 3 months.


Endorsed by Vegan Life sticker4. Display the Vegan Life endorsement

Congratulations! By being listed on this website in one of the above 3 categories, your vegan business is automatically endorsed by Vegan Life. To show the world that you have this endorsement, you can order some ‘Endorsed by Vegan Life’ stickers to display at your venue entrance. The stickers are around 9.5cm x 9.5cm on a clear background and designed to be placed on the inside of a glass door or window or cabinet or other transparent surface. Use the Order page to request endorsement stickers.


Example Discount Voucher5. Offer a discount voucher

There‚Äôs nothing quite like a discount to get vegan customers and their friends interested in visiting your vegan business and you can attract many new and returning customers by offering a discount voucher. If you’d like to offer Vegan Life customers a 10% or 20% food discount or a 2 for 1 food offer, we can set up the voucher for download on our website. All vouchers have a unique code and you can restrict your voucher to certain days of the week and add an expiry date and other restrictions. You could issue a voucher for a special event or for quieter times of the year, month or week to keep vegan customers coming back for more. Tell us what you’d like to offer using the Voucher Offer form and we’ll get it set up for you.


6. Get reviewed

There’s no better way to attract attention that to get reviewed and to get a big write up on the Vegan Life blog. We will send a Vegan Life blogger or two to your venue to review your food, your atmosphere and your hospitality. You’ll need to offer a 2 course lunch or evening meal or a tasting menu or something equivalent depending on the nature of your business (drinks to be purchased) and, in return, we’ll give you a write up. If you’d like to be reviewed, please use the contact form on the website to get in touch.


A note about Vegan Life income

Vegan Life developers, bloggers and supporters are all volunteers. Income from sales will be used to fund web hosting, printing, research, administration and other essential costs.