The Creative Vegan

The Creative Vegan
100% Vegan
Take Away/Delivery
Crownhill, Milton Keynes

Cheryl says: I’m a medically retired nurse and vegan; dependent on complete intravenous nutrition & unable to eat ‘solid’ food. I love to promote health improvement & well being, by sharing my vegan creations with the local (& wider, social) community. I strive to use seasonal, local & organic produce, wherever possible and look to reduce waste, create budget friendly vegan drinks, snacks: working to maximize nutritional density. I occasionally offer my creations for sale; not for profit but to replace ingredients used in my health promotion work with local community/social enterprise groups. Finally, I try to promote awareness of the impact of dependency on artificial nutrition and intestinal failure! I’ll always try to help with advice about vegan cooking/nutrition – please, do ask away! Kindest regards, Cheryl (The Creative Vegan) x

07763 110990

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