Zouk Lounge

Zouk Lounge
Separate Vegan Menu
Take Away/Delivery
34 Stratford Road
MK12 5LW

Great food is all about getting the balance and ratios just right. Here at Zouk Lounge we pride ourselves on maintaining that balance and ratio by sourcing, wherever possible, fresh, local, good quality ingredients. Our food is freshly made and free from preservatives and colouring.

We use lashings of strong quality olive oil, mounds of chickpeas for our hummus, freshly strained Labneh, heaps of fresh green leafy vegetables, bright pomegranates and zesty lemons thus reminding your senses of lazy summer days by the seaside, transporting you to a quaint little town by the Mediterranean Sea.

Zouk Lounge has a separate vegan menu at the restaurant (although this is not shown on the website, vegan options can be seen on the main menu).

01908 314 411

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